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HaifengChoose price and better quality of generator set"Haifeng"Power solutions experts

Haifeng manufacture, serviceHigh quality and excellent price


HaifengThe success of our business relys on the spirit of our culture "Integrity and Honesty", we pursuit solutions with great enthusiasm , customer needs are our priority and we pay more attention to those details.

HaifengHaifeng conducts ISO9001 to standardized business and manufacture operation to ensure the safety operation and quality control. With great enthusiasm and persistence efforts, all Haifeng members are working toward the leading enterprise in the international line.

Haifengwe continue designing for more reliable,safe, efficient and easy to use products, we will be more focus on cost cutting while improving the quality to help our customers gain more value and confidence on our products and projects.


Company news Exports of South Africa's two 800 kw cumm

  • Exports of South Africa's two 800 kw cumm

South Africa's customer in my company purchase two cummins diesel generating sets successful factory today, gensets adopt joint venture of chongqing cummins po...


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